Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mom! Come Quick!

I sent the boys down to the basement in preparation for the start of school.

L (running upstairs to the kitchen): "Mom! Come quick! There's something I need to show you!"
Mommy: "What?"
L: "It's hard to explain! You know that thing? That Dad is going to use for his garden plants? Chewy's in there, and he's shaking!"
Mommy (taking time to grab the camera): "Uh-oh."

Yes, Chewy, the dog who makes up for his lack of intelligence with a sweet disposition, had fallen into the basement window well. After a couple of humiliating pictures, I opened the window and he hopped out and ran upstairs. I let him back outside, where he was joyfully reunited with Maggie. He didn't appear to suffer any wounds, other than his pride.


Sherry said...

We have a little Yorkie who was always falling into the window well until we covered it. The first time it took hours of searching before we figured it out. Poor thing :-(

"Mom! Quick" Always gives me heart failure - it usually means blood or animal tragedy in our home.

Urban Mom said...

I agree... "Moooooommmmmmmmm!" in our house can NEVER be for something good! Poor little pooch. He's adorable.

Mom said...

Poor Chewey, but at least Maggie had a momentary break...what I want to know is what the heck is that next to him?