Sunday, January 27, 2008


Last night, Cr came up with the perfect career for M.


M is passionate, persistent, and loud (I don't know if this one is a requirement for a lobbyist, but I'm sure it might be helpful at times).

Case in point:

After dinner, M decided we needed to have dessert. He request for ice cream went something like this:

M: Can we have dessert?
Mommy: I'm not sure. You guys didn't eat very well.
M: How about ice cream? We have ice cream.
Mommy: I don't know.
M (standing in his chair, jumping with each request): Dessert! Dessert! Dessert!
(I go over and ask Cr what he thinks about ice cream. He likes the idea.)
M: Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Ice Cream!
Mommy: Why do you want ice cream, M?
M: Because it's Yummy! Can we have dessert?
(Notice, he never strays from his original request)
Mommy: Yes, you can have ice cream.
(Cheering from all the boys)

So, he was successful with his lobbying. He must've realized that, because about an hour after they finished their ice cream, he came up to me again, with a big smile.

M: Mommy? Can we have ice cream tomorrow?
Mommy: I don't know.
M: How 'bout yes?



andie said...

Of course he may have ice cream tomorrow. Isn't tomorrow his birthday? You tell him *I* said it's okay. And Happy Birthday, too!

Sherry said...

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Isn't that how it goes?

How could you possibly resist such cuteness? LOL! He sounds irresistable!