Sunday, August 26, 2007

So Much to Blog, So Little Time

First, I've won an award. Don't tell the boys it's a nice award. They're likely to stage an extravagant protest. Andie over at and the mama thinks I'm nice. Isn't she nice? I'm supposed to give it to 7 other nice bloggers, but all the nice ones I know have received the award already.

Next, Lucky IV has gone to run on the great wheel in the sky. I'm gonna miss him. Since we moved him into the school room, he's been the only one up with me when I exercise in the morning, so we were friends. He got out of his cage Thursday night. We were carrying in groceries when L yelled "There's Lucky!". In the kitchen. This means he got out of his cage and climbed a set of stairs. Cr caught him and returned him to his cage. I noticed this morning that he wasn't watching me, so I checked and he wasn't moving. I don't know if he ate something funky while he was out or if he climbed out because he was already dying.

Finally, I've had to revamp our schedule. I'll post a revised edition hopefully this week. It was too distracting for L to have the little guys in for fun stuff and then trying to buckle down and concentrate on Math and Latin. Two funny notes about L and math. He'd been dragging out his 100 math fact sheets for hours. I started wondering why I was having him do them (he knows his facts and we've got fact review software, too). So after it took him about an hour to do 60 problems, I told him that if he finished the last 40 in under 10 minutes he would only have to do fact sheets on test days. He finished the remaining 40 in 6 minutes. Grrrr. Then a day or two later, he drug his lesson out for about 2 hours, and I was doubting that I'd ever successfully taught him anything. So I told L to put it away and he'd do it when Daddy was home. At 7 o'clock that night, Cr told him he had an hour to finish or he'd be punished. L finished in 20 minutes. Without any errors. Double Grrrr. The next day we did math first and he was able to focus much better, hence the schedule change.

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