Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Need for Speed

J has a need for speed. He's normally a pretty docile boy, but let him loose on something with wheels and his face lights up and his smile gets bigger in direct proportion to how fast he can go.

Last night after dinner, we all went out front so the boys could ride their bikes. I'm not quite sure how it started, but while I was talking to our neighbor Cr sat J on Z's bike. Not too much later, while I was still talking to the neighbor, I noticed Cr taking the training wheels off of J's bike. Then, during a short phone conversation with my mom, J figured out how to balance, and now knows how to zoom around on a two-wheeler. This entire process took less than an hour. He's also good at not getting hurt when he does fall--he doesn't even have a skinned knee. Before we came in for the night, J had figured out how to slam on the pedal brakes to skid his back tire.

He may never be allowed to get his driver's license.

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