Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Few Ramblings

Only 3 days of school left until we've met our state-required number of days. Even though we'll continue on with our lessons, it'll be a good feeling to not have that hanging over my head.

J taught himself to swing today, and is mighty proud of himself.

Z lost his 2nd tooth last Friday.

L is torturing me with a loose top tooth today. It's just hanging on by a thread. Ick.

M is terrified of spiders. Last night he was laying on the living room floor and all of the sudden he was in my lap shaking, crying, and carrying on in M-speak. Turns out there was a small spider that crawled near him. Even though it was small, I've got to admit I'm glad I've got L to get the spiders when Cr isn't home.

And, finally, N is still not walking. He's taken steps here and there, he'll walk back and forth between his brothers (only 4-5 steps max), and he'll laugh while he's doing it. I don't know why he finds the thought of being bipedal so funny. He'll be 18 months on Tuesday, so he's going to break the record for latest walker in our family (previously held by Z).

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andie said...

M is a smart boy! *shudder*

We had fairly average walkers. Lydia and Leo the earliest (also the dadgone meanest and most destructive pair of toddlers ever to grace the planet -- they need to be upright and mobile to carry out their evil plans) Madeline and Ella the latest, Maddie was almost 14 months and Eleanor was on the verge of 15 mos. John was 12 mos.

(Really, no idea why I'm sharing this. Except that I'm mildly surprised that I can remember and thought I should get it put down somewhere! Don't mind me...)