Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Never Reveal Your Weakness

I never knew how much wiggling baby teeth grossed me out until L had his first loose tooth. I find it creepy. Teeth are not supposed to move. I was able to keep this tidbit of information to myself when L's two bottom teeth were loose. When he'd show me how they were wiggling, I'd smile lovingly and try to change the subject.

On Saturday he was showing me how his loose top tooth would do unnatural things. I broke down after a few minutes of him not letting me change the subject. I told him while I understood his excitement, wiggling teeth really grossed me out and maybe he could just show Daddy, who I was sure would be as impressed as he was.

L has been using this against me. In church on Sunday he kept poking me and whispering "Mom". When I'd look at him he'd make his tooth do something freaky and then suppress a giggle at my horrified face.

Z was let in on this little secret and taunted me this evening with his loose tooth for about 45 minutes before he wiggled it all the way out.

20 baby teeth X 5 boys = 100 wiggly teeth - 3 already lost = only 97 more chances for the boys to taunt me


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