Thursday, February 22, 2007

Maybe I Should Change His Name to "The Accountant"

Yesterday, on our drive over to church for dinner, Cr pointed out a company he'd interviewed with in the morning to all the boys. He told the boys how some of their parts were in stuff NASA uses, and that when you walked in the front door there was a big picture of an astronaut. Cr's thinking was, of course, that the boys would be amazed and impressed since they like outer space stuff.

The only response was from L (the boy who likes to earn a quarter for getting his brother out of his crib, searches the house for loose change, and has his brothers trained to give him any money they find):

"And how much would they pay you for doing that?".

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DanaBelle said...

I love reading your blog. Keep up the entertainment! It makes me acknowledge that I'm not in this "Mommy World" alone.