Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

We were out of routine yesterday, and the boys had chocolate (thanks, Grandma B!) at lunch. They can (sort of) handle being out of routine, and they can (sort of) handle having chocolate, but I was reminded yesterday afternoon that it is a fairly volatile combination when both occur simultaneously.

We went over to church for dinner last night. The boys were not on their best behavior and they were having a quite near impossible time not following their little boy desires of running and play fighting with their friends. We decided the night before that since there were no kids events or nursery (there was a guest speaker), we'd have dinner together and I would bring the boys home.

We (barely) made it through dinner, and as I was driving the boys home there was a bunch of whispering. Then there were requests for scissors. I granted this request after J promised he wouldn't cut his hair. We walked into the house, and there was more whispering. They needed paper, and they needed me to stay out of the school room. I agreed. This led to more whispering. Then L walked up to me (trying to appear nonchalant), and asked "Just out of curiosity, how do you spell Happy Valentine's Day? I just want to know."

Hmmmmm....what could they be up to?

They disappeared to the school room and after about 30 minutes they all reappeared with Valentine's Day cards for me. A large heart cut out of red construction paper accented with blue cutout squares from L, J, and M. Z worked on a card independently and it was a small red heart cut out of red paper, glued on a blue square card with a hand drawn flower. I love my boys (and yes, everything was spelled correctly).

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Grandma B said...

I'm just glad to know that you actually gave them the probably fed their artistic talents! You can thank me later.