Friday, January 12, 2007

An Odd Tradition

I took my test in Judo for my yellow belt on Monday and passed. Last night was the "ceremony". It is tradition (at least in our club) that with every belt color change, the entire class gets to throw you...adults, kids, lower belts, higher belts--everyone. Sensei claims this is a legitimate tradition, although I wonder if that's true. It was a big class last night, and we were on the bad mats. I didn't count, but if I remember there were at least 6 adults and 15 kids who got to throw me, with the first being Sensei (he was kind enough to drop to his knees before he finished the throw in the picture so I really didn't have that far to fall). Overall it wasn't too bad; L, Z, & J each got a chance to throw me. What little boy wouldn't like the opportunity to throw their Mom once in a while?

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Andie said...

I hope your shoulder survived all the tosses!