Monday, October 23, 2006

I tried not to say it, I really did.

We've had a stomach bug going around our house. Micah had this a week ago Saturday. Since then, whenever I've told him to do something, he responds "I siiiiiiicccccckkkkk" (must be said in a whiney voice). I've refrained from saying "You are NOT sick, now do [insert activity here]", just in case he was still feeling poorly.

We had small group at our home last night, and when the boys got home I fed them a late dinner. I gave Micah his dinner (a hot dog-his choice) and he responded with "I siiiiiiicccccckkkkkk" (remember: whiney voice). I finally said "You are NOT sick, now eat your hot dog, it's almost bed time".

He refused, and as I was putting him to bed he vomited all over the bedroom floor.

This brings the score to:
Boys: 4376
Mommy: 28

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